Story Mentorship


You become an illuminator of truth for your clients or employees.

As a business owner or leader, you want people to feel good- about themselves and about the decisions and contributions they make.

The greatest gift you can give them is to help them feel valued and connected. I can teach you how to use strategic storytelling techniques and how to uncover hidden metaphors and patterns so that you can put the power of personal story to work for you and those you serve.

We will work together to connect the dots in your own story so that you are able to articulate both the challenges and victories from your life experience in a way that’s pure and genuine and increases trust with your intended audience.

The Mentoring Program has been designed to help you become a better communicator and connector and give you the training you need to distill and shape stories for clients in ways that reveal their true value, confidence and purpose.

My approach is to map out the psychic markers for clients so that they can see the entire landscape of their lives. Your clients will learn the roots of where they are now and more importantly where they’d love to be in the future.

You can help clients see what they cannot see on their own.

Becoming a story mentoring practitioner requires an open mind and heart, a love for research and language and lots of practice and feedback. It’s about much more than deep listening skills. You work is about holding the door open for truth and possibility and the words to convey this.

This requires a honing of your intuitive skills and the cognitive ability to put together metaphorical puzzles in a way that invites recognition and often delight for your clients.

In our work together, I can show you how to:

  • Adopt a highly effective, interactive dialogue within your client sessions
  • Identify the patterns and metaphors in personal life experience and how to interpret them for your clients
  • Trust your intuition to guide you to take action on digging deeper and locating the right resources to support your hunches
  • Reframe and rephrase your insights so your clients can receive and embrace them
  • Become a more confident as a story mentoring practitioner
  • Step skillfully into a greater role as a masterful communicator and visionary


Mentoring consists of three sessions within one month.

You must book all three sessions at once since they are designed to build momentum and mastery in a short period of time. If either this time frame or price is prohibitive, now is not the time.

Sessions are 90 minutes long and cost $350 US each.

The first step to discovering if Mentoring is right for you is to book an initial intake session with me. After working together for a session, we’ll both have a better idea whether or not this is the right fit.

If you’ve already worked with me as client, this step isn’t required. Just send me an email and we’ll set up a time to talk about next steps.

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